Monday, April 23, 2012

Adult Las Vegas Escorts Presents Dana

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dear Penthouse Forum...

I wanted to make my best friends bachelor party the best ever. I tried to arrange for a girl to meet us at the airport and ride to the hotel with us, to start.... Found out we couldn't do that.

She has to meet us in the room and then we had to discuss taking a ride with her then, so we checked in, called the number on the website I downloaded to my phone, ordered the girl, met her in the room, called for a limo and took him for the ride of his life.

Las Vegas Adult Bachelor Party Escorts

Strip clubs are a rip off compared to escort services

There are a lot of strip clubs in the Las Vegas area, but what is different between the clubs and getting strippers sent privately to your room? There's a lot of differences, actually, and quite frankly, you get more value out of your money right there in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room.

Almost everyone has been to a strip club back home, and while the escort entertainment in Las Vegas is world class, nothing beats a private party that is held in your own room. When it’s a party over 2 or 3 gentlemen, two or more girls can come so that the party can be well taken care of and no one has to wait around. There's no reason to be waiting for a lap dance from one girl when you have two!

I Feel Like An Idiot

I ordered a girl today and was extremely nervous about it. When she arrived, she called my room phone and told me I had to come down to get her from the bottom of the elevator. I was too freaked out and never went downstairs. I feel like a total jackass. Her company kept calling asking what happened, but I didn't answer them, i just didn't answer the phone.

So whatever it's worth, they do actually show up so I guess they are an OK company.
3135 Industrial Rd. Suite 313
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Escort Service Reviews

I finally talked my wife into having a little extra fun while in Vegas. We called for a Vegas escort and had a smokin' hot girl come to our room. I wasn't sure how things would turn out as this was a first time for us and my wife was so nervous. The girl arrived and she was very pretty, but more importantly, she assessed the situation and took control without being too bossy. My wife immediately relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed herself, as did I:)

Hope you enjoy as much as we did.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Las Vegas Escort Carla

Hi guys, and gals. I'm Carla. Blonde, bubbly, and ready to spend an hour or an evening with you in Las Vegas.

My friends and clients tell me that I am much too eager to please. They also say that I am as addictive as video poker.

I don't really agree with them, but my clients all seem to be very happy so perhaps they are just a little right.

Experience a date with me and you will find yourself coming back to Vegas often.

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Just Give Me My Fucking Money

Me and my friend were in Las Vegas staying at the BlueGreen, just off the strip. We ordered two Vegas escorts to come to our room for some Vegas Only fun. They were absolutely beautiful.

Me and my escort girl were stuck in the living room, not much privacy. Between her phone ringing, my buddy walking in and out of the bedroom, and the housekeeping knocking on the door, we were more frustrated than anything when our time had come to an end. So, we left and went to the Excalibur to try and get more money and a room, just for us.

I tried everything to get money, nothing we tried worked, the bank had a hold on my card because of the activity, they wanted to make sure it hadn't been stolen. LOL. I just wanted access to my damn money. We ended up parting ways. I would like to say that this Vegas companion was very patient and seemed just as disappointed as I was that things didn't turn out they we wish they could have.